Thank you for opting to purchase a ForceWinder Intake or ForceWinder Exhaust. ForceWinder has been manufacturing air  intakes and exhaust systems since 1989! We also are 100% Made In America! With that being said our fitment is so bang on that we do not offer a refund or return policy. Performance bike builders, performance enthusiasts as well as fair weather riders have been buying and installing ForceWinders since 1989 and continue to do so in droves.

Remember that by buying an American Made ForceWinder you are keeping Americans Employed and thus the “trickle effect begins”. The Trickle Effect – our Team gets to work a full work week, they are able to provide for their families and send their children to great schools. Our machinists, polishers, powder coaters, shippers, office staff and the entire team depends on your purchase to fuel American growth and jobs. So for that we are truly thankful.

Your are purchasing a performance part that will fit and work properly and has been tested since 1989. All Sales Are Final. Installation of a ForceWinder intake or exhaust should be done by a trained technician. Performance parts – we do not offer a refund policy.

Pure American ingenuity. Pure American engineering. One hundred per cent American made. Nothing else compares. Prepare for the inevitable. Prepare for the ride of your life. Welcome to the ForceWinder Nation.

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