ForceWinder Air Filters

ForceWinder Air Cleaner, Replacement Air Filters, Force XRII Filter, Force XR Filter, Crankcase Breather Filters.
*** ForceWinder makes its Air Intake Filters in house by using an advanced AF Fiber Media that requires zero oil! Just wash and air dry and you are done. Other Filters use an Oiled Cotton Gozz Media that when flow tested show 42% of the dust/debris is allowed to pass thru the Oiled Cotton Gozz Media. Results show between 35 and up to 120 microns are allowed to pass thru.

The ForceWinders AF Fiber Media is non oiled and after being flow tested results show an amazing “Below 5 Microns” is penetrated thru the AF Fiber Media. The difference is more rammed air yet cleaner air with no oils and more debris being trapped outside your filter.
The choice is simple – It’s Best To Use Force!

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