Honda Stateline Air Intake Kit In Gloss Black


Air Intake Kit – Honda Fury, Sateline, Interstate, Sabre In Show Polished Finish

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Product Description

The Original ForceWinder For Honda Stateline, Interstate and Sabre In Show Polished Finish

Kit Includes:

ForceWinder Performance Aluminum Elbow, ForceWinder Filter, Pre Filter Dry Charger Sock, Performance Machined Billet Adapter, Gasket and all mounting hardware.


2010 Honda VT1300CR Stateline
2010 Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS
2010 Honda VT1300CS Sabre
2010 Honda VT1300CSA Sabre ABS
2010 Honda VT1300CT Interstate
2010 Honda VT1300CX Fury
2010 Honda VT1300CXA Fury ABS

2011 Honda VT1300CR Stateline
2011 Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS
2011 Honda VT1300CS Sabre
2011 Honda VT1300CSA Sabre ABS
2011 Honda VT1300CT Interstate
2011 Honda VT1300CX Fury
2011 Honda VT1300CXA Fury ABS

2012 Honda VT1300CR Stateline
2012 Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS
2012 Honda VT1300CS Sabre
2012 Honda VT1300CSA Sabre ABS
2012 Honda VT1300CT Interstate
2012 Honda VT1300CX Fury
2012 Honda VT1300CXA Fury ABS

2013 Honda VT1300CR Stateline
2013 Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS
2013 Honda VT1300CS Sabre
2013 Honda VT1300CSA Sabre ABS
2013 Honda VT1300CT Interstate
2013 Honda VT1300CTA Interstate ABS
2013 Honda VT1300CX Fury
2013 Honda VT1300CXA Fury ABS

2014 Honda VT1300CR Stateline
2014 Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS
2014 Honda VT1300CS Sabre
2014 Honda VT1300CSA Sabre ABS
2014 Honda VT1300CT Interstate
2014 Honda VT1300CTA Interstate ABS
2014 Honda VT1300CX Fury
2014 Honda VT1300CXA Fury ABS

2015 Honda VT1300CR Stateline
2015 Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS
2015 Honda VT1300CT Interstate
2015 Honda VT1300CTA Interstate ABS
2015 Honda VT1300CX Fury
2015 Honda VT1300CXA Fury ABS

2016 Honda VT1300CR Stateline
2016 Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS
2016 Honda VT1300CX Fury
2016 Honda VT1300CXA Fury ABS

2017 Honda VT1300CX Fury
2017 Honda VT1300CXA Fury ABS

2018 Honda VT1300CX Fury
2018 Honda VT1300CXA Fury ABS

2019 Honda VT1300CX Fury
2019 Honda VT1300CXA Fury ABS

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 12 x 8 in


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